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g guillaume paumier

Wikimedia PR material cleanup

Phase I: Inventory

In an effort to consolidate PR materials about Wikipedia and Wikimedia, we’re starting an inventory of all known materials in all languages. You can help by adding items to the inventory, to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Casey Brown and I have decided to revive the PR material cleanup project. This project was started by Sean Whitton as a ComProj initiative in August 2008, but it slowly died of inactivity. This time, fewer people are involved, but hopefully they’ll commit more time to this much needed project. This project is the first step of a major revamp of PR materials related to Wikimedia projects. We’re currently in the middle of the inventory, which includes a very needed assessment of out-of-dateness of all documents.

The main goals are to:

  • identify and archive obsolete documents that could alter or damage our image

  • dentify all kinds of PR, marketing & outreach documents that could be useful.

For example, I know that hosts a press book with press articles about Wikimedia projects. This is perfectly fine on, since as archives they can’t be obsolete, and we wouldn’t import them on meta because our local EDP doesn’t allow them. So, this kind of stuff can be skipped in the inventory :) However, if you are aware of presentations, posters, cheatsheets, leaflets, handbooks, etc. that are not listed already in the inventory, that’s what we want :)

We listed the wikis that are the most likely to host PR material, but if you are aware of others, please add them.

This message aims at:

  • asking you to add any document or page you’re aware of to the inventory, if it’s not already there;

  • letting you know that this cleanup is being done and that a major revamp is the next step.

  • if you have some time, asking you to help us with the ruthless job of finding, describing, labeling and assessing all PR materials :) We’re also counting on the ComProj members for that.

Thanks for helping out!