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g guillaume paumier

Help us collect good ideas to improve Wikimedia Commons

Do you regularly use media sharing platforms like Flickr, Youtube, Fotopedia, Picasa web or Panoramio? Then you can tell us what you love (or hate) about their interface and features, to help us improve Wikimedia Commons.

As part of the Wikimedia Multimedia Usability project, we are currently doing what is called Domain research. Basically, it means that we look at how similar websites work and how they deal with the same issues we encounter. Since our goal is to make Wikimedia Commons more usable, we want to look at other media sharing platforms, such as Flickr, Youtube, Fotopedia, Picasa web, Panoramio, etc.

I would like to ask for your help to accomplish this research. It can take a lot of time if only one person is doing it. On the contrary, if ten or twenty people step in and all do a small part, we can collect helpful data very quickly. Besides, it is always better to have several people with different perspectives look at the data we collect, in order to better see the ‚Äúbig¬†picture.‚ÄĚ

Your help is crucial in order to move quickly towards the requirements definition phase. I have already prepared a list of websites and a few questions we are asking ourselves; they should facilitate the collection of data that can then be used directly by the team.

Please join us and make your contribution to the Domain research page on the Usability wiki.