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Site information


This site doesn’t display any ads, doesn’t track you with cookies, and doesn’t use third-party statistics or analytics tool. I keep no records of your activity on the site.

I avoid loading remote content from third-party sites in order not to leak your visits to them; there are rare cases where this is inevitable, for example when embedding a video. Videos embedded from YouTube use “Privacy-enhanced mode,” meaning that YouTube doesn’t set cookies unless you play the video.


This site is built using the Nikola static site generator with a homemade theme named Phenix. The source code of the site is available on Github, where you can suggest improvements.

Previous versions of this website are available in the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine. I keep most old posts up for historical purposes but my mind may have changed since their publication. The opinions expressed on this site are mine alone, and shouldn’t be attributed to any of the organizations I am or was affiliated with.


This site is owned and edited by Guillaume Paumier, and hosted by Netlify. See Netlify’s commitment to protect your data.